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Since Davy Jones himself couldn't set foot on land for nearly a decade, he ordered Maccus to lead a handful of crewmen to go ashore and seize the Chest in his stead. At World's Enda cameo antagonist in Pirates of the Caribbean: The stakes for which they gambled Will's soul for an eternity of service, against the key to the Chest.

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Norrington gave the heart to Lord Cutler Beckett of the East India Trading Company, now given the leverage to force Jones and his crew to do his bidding. Although the parade permit was delivered only two hours before black parade jack jones start of the march, the marchers encountered little resistance from onlookers.

As Jones and Turner came close to exchanging blows, Turner made clear of his terms for leading them to Shipwreck Cove.

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Giving chase, the Pearl outruns the Dutchman. Tia Dalma touches his chest, black parade jack jones Jones is briefly seen in his original human form, including a long and full beard with multiple braids parallel to his facial tentacles.

The next morning, Davy Jones realizes that Will Turner stole his key, and had escaped with the aid of his father. Knowing that Bootstrap would prefer his hand, Jones watched as Bootstrap Bill begrudgingly black parade jack jones Will five lashes.

Davy Jones

Beckett and Jones during parley. Jones devoted himself to the duty he was charged with for ten years. However, upon reaching Isla Cruces, Jones spotted some of Jack Sparrow's crew on the deserted island through his spyglass. Davy Jones with the Dead Man's Chest.

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Fearing for the safety of his heart, though refusing to show weakness in front of his crew, Jones agreed. Jones accepts to play Liar's Dice. Dead Man's Chestthe secondary antagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean: Although Will was saved by his losing father, Bootstrap Bill, Jones did give Will a glimpse of where he kept the key to the Chest.

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Tia Dalma says that after her release, she will fully give her love to him and that the Brethren Court will learn "How cruel I can be! Shortly afterwards, Davy Jones knew that Will had been sent by Jack Sparrow black parade jack jones steal the key, so he ordered to sail for Isla Cruces to retrieve the Chest before Sparrow could get it.

History[ edit ] New York City Pride, at top, and below. Abandoning his duty, Davy Jones turned into a sea humanoid monster with an octopus face, a tentacles beard, a claw of crab as a hand and a giant crab leg then returned to the seven seas, only now sailors everywhere would fear him to the death, for Jones had turned fierce and cruel pirate, with an insatiable taste for all things brutal.

During his duel with Jack Sparrowhe lost one of his two larger tentacles.

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Of the men captured on board was Will Turnerwho was tricked by Jack Sparrow to search on the scuttled ship. Here, the two former lovers engage in a poignant conversation wherein several things between the two are revealed, such as the reasons for which Calypso did not meet Jones after his first decade of service on the Flying Dutchman and the subsequent mutation of Davy Jones.

But the pain Caylpso's betrayal caused him was too much to live with, so Davy Jones carved out his own heart and locked it away in the Dead Man's Chest.

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Jones had a pipe organ on board the Flying Dutchman, and play it seemingly on a daily basis. But whenever Davy Jones came ashore, Calypso was nowhere to be found.

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The song he often played was the same as the frog city casino rayne la played by his locket.

Jones said that he would only accept if Calypso was murdered. Norrington then speared Jones with his ceremonial sword before dying.