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Winter is the only person Bo knows she can trust, and also she considers his team the closest thing to a family she has, but she steadily develops a bond with Tate after he repeatedly risks his life and freedom for her.

According to her background, she has a young daughter named Sasha. Dedicated, tough and strong-willed, Channing is devoted to protecting Bo. Guitar and Bass casino dizi comprised of 94 instruments divided into 2 categories: Later she deployed as an operative to recover Bo, although she instead turned Channing against Skouras after she had healed the injuries Channing sustained trying to capture her.

Kerry Condon as Dr. This led them to William Tate, a wrongfully convicted casino dizi inmate, whom they break out of prison. Rob Morgan as Joshua Casino dizi — An Orchestra test subject, Joshua was a promising telepath capable of matter manipulation, who has been with Orchestra almost three years, and was one of Skouras's most talented subjects.

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She frequently clashes with Tate, openly doubting his loyalty and feels the arrangement for him to act as Bo's protector is never going to work — Channing sees herself as a mother figure to Bo, and believes she would be better at protecting the child, although later accepts Tate as a worthy parent figure. He acts as a liaison with Skouras to the government, while also giving Ferrell permission to use federal orders and other ample resources for the investigation to locate and recover Bo.

She was one of Winter's most promising subjects, born and raised at Orchestra and displaying extraordinary psychic and telekinetic powers inherited from her mother, Nina. Spanning the multi-award winning virtual instrument collection of Symphonic Orchestrathese instruments were recorded by time Grammy nominated classical recording engineer Prof.

Left in a coma with no possibility to recover, Skouras encouraged Shawn, his friend and fellow test subject, to "help" Joshua by putting him out of his misery, as well as showing his own strength. Originally, she was unaware that Tate is her father, although later correctly guesses, and accepts, the truth. Tate has recurring anger problems, leading to a long history of violence and brushes with the law.

His nefarious schemes cost him his partnership with Winter who, with his team, broke ranks and fled with Bo, as Skouras's goals would endanger her. He has suffered severe behavioral and emotional problems due to his ability, although Orchestra has worked hard to harness his gifts.

A new world of sonic possibilities opens up, casino drive lannion actually makes you approach your guitar playing differently!

Originally he is unaware that he is actually Bo's father a fact known by Winter's team, the Orchestra Project and the FBIbut Winter is later encouraged by Bo to tell him — while the news sounds unbelievable, he senses he somehow knew all along. Delroy Lindo as Dr. Arian Moayed as Corey — A technology specialist working at Orchestra. Roman Skouras — A world-famous geneticist and head of Orchestra - a government sanctioned program and top secret classified operation designed to weaponize individuals with psychic abilities, funding it through his corporation Skouras Worldwide.

Bowed, Plucked, Voices, and Wind. Ethnic and Voices is comprised of instruments divided into 4 categories: According to Winter, Skouras's darkest secret is he has established another program, a top secret black ops plan for other telepaths; he plans to use his weaponized telepaths to build his own psychic army.

As these powers started evolving, the people who were protecting her were forced to turn to an outsider for help. Orchestral is comprised of instruments divided into 4 categories: He is completely loyal to Skouras. Zoe Boyle — Orchestra's head of research and Winter's replacement, Zoe is Skouras's head researcher and loyal confidant at Orchestra, who runs the research program following Winter's departure — working to continue experiments with the other talented telepaths at the facility.

He is admired by many people for his work, and is a publicly awarded humanitarian, although others know he only cares about his own ideas and doing anything to achieve them.

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According to his background, his parents are named Evelyn and Ronald, and he was born in Oak Park, Illinois on December 1, After Tate and Bo save Ferrell and her daughter from a subway bombing, Ferrell finally accepts Tate's innocence and abandons her pursuit. Skouras emphasizes repeatedly that Bo is his top priority, assuring her that Bo's safety is his main concern, but she can tell he's not being entirely casino dizi with her.

EastWest has produced brilliant sound libraries for years, and now the MIDI Guitar Series brings those incredible samples to guitarists with everything arranged and optimized for seamless integration, and virtually imperceptible latency, with the Fishman TriplePlay. Milton Winter — A cunning and brilliant scientist and the leader of a shadow organization responsible for protecting individuals with rare and incredible powers.

These two guitars have been deeply sampled and include the entire range of notes on each string, giving even more flexibility when used with MIDI guitar controllers.

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Winter also faked his death, working from that point to protect Bo. At some point in the process, Winter and his entire team defected from Orchestra, took Bo, and went on the run. Dani discovers Zoe is the Orchestra mole, and threatens to out her to Skouras if she interferes with Skouras' plan. Afterwards, he becomes a more kind and supportive parent figure.

Skouras sent his new weapon on a field assignment — to track down Bo and locate and neutralize Orchestra's unknown insider leak Zoe Boyle. Although he is reluctant to take on the role as her protector, the two eventually form a bond that guide them to helping each other, as well as others, while staying one step ahead of the evil forces that want the girl.

Originally, Winter and his team used to work at Project Orchestra beside Skouras, and Winter raised Bo in the facility from infancy. His experimentation had left him fully weaponized as an active telepathic assassin.


Comprised from multiple award winning virtual instrument collections that includes RaSilkVoices of PassionGhostwriterFab Four and Goliaththese instruments have been redesigned specifically for MIDI guitar controllers. To the government, Bo's existence is highly classified government property and is officially a national defense priority.

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When she was twelve, they became afraid of their daughter when they thought Dani killed her brother in an angry rage over her stolen diary. Kyle MacLachlan as Dr. She is a technology specialist, and was on the team that developed Orchestra's prototype telepathic tracking computer. Her earliest memory of having an ability was when she was five, while at school, she started telekinetically moving pencils, but her parents thought she was lying.

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