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The bulk of these installations are housed in historicist-style buildings most of which are of brick although there are some elements of the modernist movement arising from international rationalism; iron architecture can also be found.

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Technical achievements were implemented here such as the replacement in of the "Castilian furnace" system by the more modern English casino laciana where the Perdigones Tower still standsthe installation of a steam engine for mining purposes at the Fundicion de Plomo de Casino laciana Andresen Adra lead foundry and the drainage system installed at the Encarnacion shaft of the Sierra Almagrera mines.

Of the companies formed in the 's' two stood out in terms of production and longevity: As for the technological and industrial aspect, the mining complex conserves the print of the major technical advances of the end of the h century in terms of machinery, energy supply and extraction systems. In the municipal district of San Martin, several mining facilities of the Duro Felguera company in the vicinity of El Entrego casino laciana, workshops, warehouses, sawmill, washing tanks, coal yards and a thermal power station linked directly to the companyalong with other coal mines belonging to different independent undertakings, all reflect the series of technological changes taking place during the 19th and 20th centuries and, considered jointly, are of high mining heritage value from an architectural point of view and also considering the value of the machinery which is still intact today.

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It is known for its rich deposits of silver and lead. Also worthy of mention is the old miners' hospital likewise dating back to the 's, adjacent to the mining neighbourhoods of La Reineta, Barrionuevo and Burzako. The urban miners' homes in Linares, the Los Guindos and El Sinapimso neighbourhoods in La Carolina and the splendid ensemble of El Centenillo in Baiios de la Encina football pitch, bachelors' homes, casino, church, miners' and foremen and engineers' homes epiphone john lennon revolution casino bear witness to the development of mining in this district.

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These mining basins are formed by different archaeological, architectural, industrial and natural sites, all bearing witness to the different cultures and societies which have populated this land as from pre-historic times exploiting its mineral resources.

Other noteworthy buildings include the church, built inthe school and the theatre-cinema. Extraction is in the form of blocks which are subsequently broken into smaller pieces for different applications in construction. Mineralization corresponds to iron oxyhydroxide which is most likely the insoluble residue of a washing process involving iron carbonates and magnesium deposits in a marine reef environment meaning that its origin is sedimentary.

Intensive mining activity here did not likely begin until around BC when the Romans consolidated their dominion over the region. The techniques and tools employed by stonemasons to extract stone from Ses Pedreres de s'Hostal have evolved down through history.

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The town's grid organisation with parallel and perpendicular streets extending outwards from the main church La Magdalena,features wooden houses and a stunning landscape dotted by lakes created at the site of the old mines which surrounded the town.

The Almaden mines contain the world's largest mercury deposits and account for one third of all of the mercury consumed throughout the world down through the centuries. Different day — different course layout! The Priorat district was one of Catalonia's most important mining centres and the first to extract galena, the ore from which lead is obtained.

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Gates open at 4: Their testimonial values of uniqueness and typological representativeness remain unaltered. Por eso proponemos ordenar los espacios vacios antes que los llenos, con el objetivo de obtener los suficientes patios exteriores necesarios para actividades diversas.

In Sabero valley we find typical mining-village homes - the so-called barracks - which are buildings of two or three storeys, each one with several apartments whose access is by means of a main corridor.


The presence of English companies established here is evident from the similarity between these installations and those manufactured in Comwall Great Britain. In in Paris a group of entrepreneurs created a company called Sociedad Minera y Metalurgica de Pefiarroya to support Hullera Belmezana. The first documented references date back to the 10th century when, in the yearAlfonso VI donated to the bishop of Siguenza the lm6n salt mines which, along with those of Bujalcayao, Carabias, La Olmeda and Gormellon, form part of a group of salt mines which was one of the most important in Spain at the end of the 19th century until the Torrevieja salt mines in Alicante went itno operation.

Comparison with other similar properties The selected mining-metallurgic systems and ensembles are, of themselves, casino laciana clear exponent of karaoke casino nsw evolutionary process of mining in Spain.

Special mention should be made of the mining areas of Abanto-Zierbena, home to quintessential mining towns and neighbourhoods such as Gallarta, Putxeta, Triano, La Balastera and Las Calizas.