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Defeat the yakuza, then agree to be Smith's guide. Finally, to find Mi-Youn, it's probably fastest to leave Little Asia entirely and circle around to the southern entrance.

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Return to Homeland, and you'll find Zhao's been mugged. It takes forever to make a substantial amount of money playing Baccarat. This question has been successfully answered and closed. Forgot your username or password?

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Bet it all on zero or double zero and don't forget to use the jewel. Minamizawa rewards you with 10, yen for every correct answer you give him. Take a taxicab to the docks and pummel the Shady Men standing around near the warehouse entrance.

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Nui is initially in the alley behind Homeland, but when you find him, he runs off and hides behind the Alley Vendor next to Homeland. There's no denying you can play it smart and get up to 80, chips, then roulette 10, per hand and just yakuza for the money to roll in but it is painfully slow.

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There's been no reason whatsoever to go there until now. It's a decent fight with a bunch of bodyguards in a tight space, but abusing the Essence of Guillotine Heel can help cut them down quickly.

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Dispatch Katsuura's bodyguards to begin one of the tougher chase sequences in the game; it's very easy to trip over so many obstacles and people early on that Katsuura winds up with an enormous lead.

Go to the bar. Going to try mahjong and roulette.

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