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Miyo reveals that the reservation for their wedding reception was also cancelled, prompting suspicion on their part. Imagami gives a letter to Okamoto and asks her to give it to Hazama. Tachiiri congratulates him on becoming an intern, and tries to hire him into doing black market deals. Hazama reiterates that there is no need to impose their ideals on others, particularly him, and then leaves.

The driver's body was severely burned, and the left arm noticeably missing.

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Reading it, Hazama is informed that Imagami has joined her comrades into hiding at the mountains of Gunma. Meio died of his illness soon after, and Daigo inherited the title of Director. One of them, Aoyama, remembers Hazama and so does he Aoyama was one of the rebels on Episode 3, where Hazama performed a craniectomy on a deserter.

Hazama goes there, and is shocked to see Aoyama beaten and tied up, and Imagami on bed having a series of injuries.

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Hyakki wants to have the new prostheses implanted on his body, but can't find someone willing, and so Hazama offers to do it, with success. They knew that Meio was on a seminar, and had a scheduled operation the day after.

Having a specialty in prosthetics, he tries to change his fate to go back to his path of being a distringuished surgeon.

Hyakki makes an unexpected visit to him, noting how Hazama chose the illegal path he is now treading. Aoyama tells him that Imagami defended her when she wanted to stop being a rebel.

Hazama suspects that there must be another reason for the murders. The ed young black jack relents, and Hazama proceeds to do an operation fixing a hemothorax, rib fractures, nose and orbital fractures, and an injured liver, to which he finishes the morning after.

Not wanting to be outdone, Daigo's faction devised a plan to discredit Meio.


Ban informs Hazama, Okamoto, and Miyo of the motive behind Hyakki's actions. Hyakki slowly proceeds to build his reputation, thus gaining a request to do an operation by his former school, Teito University. Jotaro Honma as an assistant. Takara develops a nervous ed young black jack.

However, the plan was cancelled as someone sabotaged him by secretly sending pictures of him doing an autopsy using his prostheses. Hyakki also manages to find Sabame on the rooftop of a building, and cuts down his left leg.

Hazama walks away confused, sees the injured Hyakki on a bush, and performs an operation to save Hyakki's life. Hyakki tracks down Takara, reveals that he killed Tano, before proceeding to severe his left arm. Imagami goes outside, to which she is shot in the chest as a result.

Hazama finds Hyakki in an old temple in the forest, and is shocked at the change in Hyakki's character. He dislikes being underestimated for being a med-student and is always out to disprove those who mark him incompetent from coming from a "third-rate" university or being "just a med-student. The following day, Imagami tries to find Hazama at Honshin, and approaches Okamoto by mistake.

He is a close friend of the protagonists, in which Kuroo himself would go to great lengths to make sure that he is safe during a warring state. Hazama is tied up too. You can help Black Jack Wiki by expanding it. Meio suddenly became ill, and Hyakki was asked to perform the operation in lieu.

Yabuhis name is a running-gag meaning "Quack" or "Bad Doctor," a doctor who is afraid of blood, owning an ob-gyn ed young black jack of his father's in which the protagonist once used to operate on a patient illegally.

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Hyakki had devised a plan to take down Daigo next, to which he succeeded in severing Daigo's left leg. Imagami asks Hazama to give first-aid to her fellow protestors. He is sentenced to death, but escapes jail thanks to a robotic eye implant Hazama put into him in the midst of the operation.

Sabame dies of bleeding. Hyakki was apprehended by police, injuring his right eye in the process. In this series, they once clash amidst the Vietnamese War, but eventually cooperate, however it is indicated in the end of Episode 5 that the day they cross paths once again, they will be in opposing sides.

Evening comes and Imagami suddenly has a seizure.

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TBS This series article is a stub. This bewilders Takara and Professor Sabame. Having a regard for law, she often clashes with Kuroo who tends to take over a surgery or treatment, despite being a med-student.

Shaken, Hyakki wishes to bade his friend Takara goodbye, only to overhear Takara and Professor Tano's conversation, seemingly about them deliberately causing the cancellation of Hyakki's scheduled operation. An acquaintance of Kuroo, he once had operated on Kuroo, helping Dr. Detective Ban reveals to Takara that Tano was the dead body.

His specialty is plastic surgery, which he once ed young black jack in Teitou University Hospital.

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Daigo was involved in an issue concerning mishandling of funds, thus Meio became more famous and trusted. Hazama and Okamoto find Takara on the street bleeding, during which they perform a quick ligation of the brachial artery before Takara bleeds to death. Hazama pleads to the group leader to set him free so that he can operate on her, saying that if she dies, all of the rebels present are practically murderers.

Hazama wants to go get painkillers and antibiotics, but the police suddenly come to do a sweep on the rebels. The protagonists concern for Hyakki's unfortunate state will eventually bring him to involve Kuroo in a path that dwindles down much futher than expected. Eri tells him that he is a genius, before dying in ed young black jack arms.

Hazama is put down forcibly, and Imagami suddenly rises up to ask them all to stop the violence. Though the main highlights of the series often revolve on the protagonist's completion of arcanely difficult feats of medicine, the series also often highlights the protagonist's efforts in attaining them; such as training sutures on pig's leg or doing in-vivo surgery on fish.

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And so begins Hazama's transformation into Black Jack. They hired a mechanic to make Meio's car non-functional so that Meio cannot make it to the scheduled operation in time, but instead the mechanic tampered with the brakes. Hazama declines, saying that those deals would come to him without anyone's help. Police threw smoke grenades to cloud the rebels' vision.