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They can be used to pay for rooms, meals and shows, along with other services offered by each property, such as spa treatments and nightclubbing.

Getting Credit Where Credit Is Due

Points earned between January 1st and December 11th can be exchanged at year end for jewelry, electronics, home and sporting goods, gift cards, additional FreePlay, and more. Holiday Gift Shoppe HGS Points are the fourth form of redeemable credit, and they accrue automatically in conjunction with spending and casino play throughout the year.

As the M Life program continues to evolve, nongaming spending will also be taken into account, providing new opportunities to earn additional benefits at restaurants and shops. With casinos popping up all over the country, less people travel to Las Vegas each year, which is where MGM is m life casino locations based.

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VIP concert seating, cooking instruction from renowned chefs, private parties and sports viewing events, the chance to be the DJ at a hot Las Vegas club… these are just a few of the many experiences on offer exclusively to M Life members.

It seemed almost too busy at first, considering some points are going to machine credits, others to comps, others to tier score, it was quite complex to make out. Loyalty programs that work involve emotion.

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For example, there are behind-the-scenes tours of Cirque du Soleil productions, dancing lessons with the world-renowned Jabbawockeez, and swimming with sharks in a 1. What MGM did was take all the best features of their competitors, make them better, and add this together with their own unique innovations to create the ultimate casino loyalty program.

All members start out at the Sapphire level and have the opportunity to rise through higher and higher tiers—from Pearl to Gold and eventually Platinum. The website is not a service provider, nor a gambling service.

These cash-denominated comps are also awarded for table games activity, based upon the average amount wagered and the length of time played. It may be awarded as incentives for reaching certain milestones, such as attaining a new tier of membership, or as gifts on special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Third are the Express Comps, which are earned at a rate of two cents for every casino Players Club point earned.

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The first of these, PointPlay, provides casino Players Club points that can be turned into cash for additional play. Top-tier members may be assigned casino hosts to assist them, too. Getting Exclusive Tier Benefits Although the benefits of membership in M Life are open to all who join, the very top privileges are reserved for those who are most loyal to the program and make the most of the system.

This number allows the M Life system to keep a record of every action taken, from check-in at the front desk to meals ordered through room service, drinks at the lobby bar, slot machine play, tickets booked at shows, shopping m life casino locations souvenirs, and much, much more.

However, M Life recognizes that couples make up a huge portion of the clientele at MGM Resorts, so the system has added a new wrinkle just for twosomes.

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Cook side by side with a celebrity chef. Far Beyond the Basics Spend a day as a dolphin trainer.

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The rules allow up to two eligible M Life members residing at the same address to link accounts and share M Life benefits. As it currently stands, table games are not eligible for points. That means MGM guests who are members of M Life will get credit for gprs time slot allocation penny they spend, and that credit can be turned into a fabulous array of awards.

It does not accept wagers.