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We build an amusement park "Muslim Mountain" with Gadafi ducks? Pakistan detonated ground nuclear tests.

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And then you realize that God gave you a penis and a brain. Sing, you round eyed fuck, come on! And when you're sucking on the tit, I have you by the motherboard. She said to her trainer They say there's no global warming.

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In Houston they got Enron field. That would be fun. Beautiful titties, all shapes, sizes and women running they are going We have billions of dollars in national defense.

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Remember the kid who won the gold medal? That and a mutant form of football. They look like Culroy. The dicky thing, forget it.

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And then you hear these words from your lady: I'm happy to be here today. When everything went down, they put W out there, but they protected Channey. They're colors there that have never seen daylight. Welcome, boys and girls, to Disney's new ride. She's wearing a wig, you idiot! Look for somebody attached to their luggage.

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Yay, oh, big daddy We're just a hyphenate away from Mary-Jean and Joe-Bob. Fuck you, Americans, I don't care!

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Apes with guns kill people. But the most beautiful thing about a day like today in NY is that the ladies take the twins for a walk!

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The scary thing about drugs is that they have horrible side effects. We're working our way through. They're all there to keep your action up. Welcome to my beautiful set from the musical "Fantastic Voyage"! Maybe you want a dirty bomb. Go, go my little boys, have fun! We just don't film them.

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You know the rama casino canada with the slinky neck going Sometimes guys do this weird thing I like to consider it more like "severed companion". Skilor, which is like a skier. Michael, you're not a freak. He was the only man in the world: The day that Marie Antoinette gave the ultimate head. Find the priest, here's the pity fall, here's the priest, find the pity fall.

At in the middle of the country: I never knew that Ray Charles had a decorating license. I forgot to put in a lens. That was a pretty short list. He walks behind concrete, going: Where the male skater goes When did Ted Kennedy become Jabba the Hutt?

In the upper right corner, possible member of the Talibans, or "concubine", we're not sure.

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I'm sorry I'm transforming Joe into Ralph Cramdon. The Japanese drink differently than us.

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We can't call it: Fuck, this is brilliant! There's one very special lift. We did fire the million dollars cruise missile and we're successful. Mike said to a journalist: Yeah, I got a love glove.

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Is it me, or are cat's drag queens? The whole Anthrax thing had people going We're wooking for tewwowists. Bush talked to the stock market and I banged a Gorilla. One of those bitches you see on Jerry Springer.

Why didn't you call me after the Mexico game?

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Take your hand out' of my ass. And definitely don't marry that fat man. And a good cash drop, yeah. Smoke a split for the communion. You're so fucking nice eh. I've been to Memphis, to Graceland.