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The engine must be "hanged" is literally slot mosler nsr at the end of the straight, just before the off, but with very low from Car glued to the track and no bounce! A machine with a pair loses a lot in non-optimal handling!

That day, the wheels have really exaggerated! For those who can not, do not know, does not want to do this well, we have already prepared the train wheels with 30 hours of treatment, almost ready for use, if you want to get the very best you just turn on the track and oil and oil and oil run up to Saturday night!

Air ride system may be filled with o-rings or other suitable material. Molding flash may be removed from the chassis. Fasteners, Braid and Lead wires Free choice. It 'amazing, with every turn you can not stop a few inches later but you can never turn Some purists might regret the lack of details of the tray and driver.

It will be the preferred configuration by almost all of the pilots, as it offers the following advantages: It does get even better when you use the NSR tire conditioning liquid that you can buy from your favorite retailer or hobby shop. The engine has long inspired brake and really exaggerated for which it is necessary to lengthen the relationship is not so much losing anything, even gaining a lot of pure speed.

This tiny angle enables larger diamater tires to be used as the motor shaft is somewhat out of the way of the rear wheels. Rear wing attachment can be reinforced with glue or tape no tape is allowed on the top surface of the wing.

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The Ninco track is not "jelly" and then lower the front and we are better; never risk crawling to gather dirt on the track with the frame out of corners, indeed, we have the possibility of opening the first gas. WEIGHT Slotland I tried to add weight under the axle in both engine configurationsbut the lap times did not improve, with the difference that I bring my unnecessarily grams more than the distance are felt all right.

Minimum tire diameter before race is 19mm. Side mirrors and windshield wipers may be removed. Original wheel insert must be installed. Front and 'help remove the shim under the pickup to reduce the height from the ground up front, for even better cornering. It has just enough vertical play but not too much, perfect.

NSR clean your wheels with Avio, you immediately attack each other! These rules were written to create a fair event and not for racers to look for loopholes. In this way you will see your dart on the track Ninco NSR Mosler height remained constant despite the bumps, while the suspension working perfectly dampens bumps and encouraging all the traction out of corners.

At this point you mount the wheels for the race.

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Motor shaft may be reduced. The brushes are a little frayed with a knife in the last 5 mm, so as to ensure a good contact while remaining soft and crushed at the connectors, then taking the car very low. In my case, these tires will take a hike and have been replaced with low profile zero grip slot. That is what is written first.

Personally I prefer the transverse cross-sectional configuration with the Shark 22K, and I'm sure that slot mosler nsr will use it primarily Santagati. It 's like if you were traveling on a cushion of air! Weight Maximum car weight is 90 grams. Recommended height with wheel treated NSR to the starting point for those who want to end: Body White kits must be painted and racing numbers must be added.

It may seem like the Zippo lighters, but the tires NSR has an incredible impact: Bushings may be glued to the chassis. Stock NSR Supergrip And if you try to drop a wheel on the floor clean with Slot mosler nsr do not bounce, but will be attached to the floor.

No other alterations are permitted. Some wood racers will probably consider upgrading the guide, as the blade could be longer and deeper for some wood tracks.

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Ballasts are free choice. In my case, everything was perfectly in round although the tires really needed some sanding to eliminate all traces of the molding process. No need to add weight given that during the whole Friday the NSR Mosler has never flown over bumps of Slotland before they were well placed in the evening.

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Light sanding of the frame is allowed in areas that meet with the body. Be very careful if you loosen up your pod while the body still on the chassis, I almost lost one of them that way. Stock brass bushings are mandatory. Track Power The series will be raced at 11 Volts. General If it is not mentioned it is not legal.

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Ultralight version are allowed. I think the lighter weight of the engine offers the following advantages: It seems to be the limit but never like this, you can always accelerate first and most brutally, and the NSR Mosler does not betray, do not quit.

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NSR suspension kits are allowed. I also lubed up the front axle with plastic friendly racing oil. If you can afford one; get it, you will not regret it!!! It just takes courage to run strong, courage to go faster than it seems to be the limit of a "slot-plastic".

The Board, therefore, is to "find" the right gear wheels with this height, when there will be the final or at least the last phase of his racesacrificing maybe a little bit of inspiration in the qualifying round. At Slotland turning lane 2 exactly on the last track off the main straight, just below the eyes of the driver driving on lane 1, virtually in the curve!

Requires a guide "by metalhead", much more abrupt, which many do not like, with gedicht slot in the most violent of the gas out of chai lifeline casino night, is literally under attack!

At this point you slot mosler nsr to unscrew all three screws suspension for a game of 1 mm, the equivalent of slot mosler nsr full turn of the screw. Axle spacers and stop collars are allowed and free choice.