Telecinco casino. 'Premier Casino' en Telecinco abre la mesa de su casino en decorados virtuales

A column that simulates a screen of cylindrical leds, which allows the filmmakers to complete winning number information, prizes, or any other type of information has also created two other virtual elements.

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This panel allows you to control the contents of the virtual elements as play and synchronize videos, promotions, Visual effects, augers, signs, light effect and update them quickly even during the broadcast of the programme if necessary. For the program One to win screens of the scenery not only fed synchronously, also you are synchronising sound effects, lighting effects and control special effects integrated into the scenery as the clock that defined the perimeter of the playing area.

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Premier Casino Telecinco - La Ruleta VIP Betsson 2018

The system is completed with an interface designed to be operated by versatile personnel without having no previous preparation in virtual set systems. Thanks to augmented reality, Virtualia has introduced in the decoration that sees the spectator, a roulette of almost three meters in diameter, which is the element that turns the program because the bets are resolved.

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In this project, Virtualia uses the render engine of Brainstorm controlled by applications developed entirely by the own Virtualia from an interface designed custom-made according to the customer's needs. The third element is a virtual screen that simulates a plasma of large-format where to explain the moves, its awards, how to register or as is web page and as you scroll through your menus.

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Augmented reality To create this decorated Virtualia has endowed two of three cameras. Antenna 3 and Telecinco have now followed in the footsteps of success of such programmes in Italy looking for entertaining night viewers with television versions of the classic casinos.

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In the case of Telecinco, the chain has opened its Premier Casino with virtual sets in the early morning and closes it at 5 in the morning in a dish that is specifically designed to keep players awake and make very attractive headings. All virtual elements are objects 3D which behave as if real objects they were creating a feeling of verisimilitude that allows viewers perceive as real scenery.

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This interface controls not only the integration of virtual items in the Royal decoration, also controlling the different animations, video and lighting effects of way synchronized for three cameras, creating a scenario with augmented reality that is perceived as a single stage unit. Subscribe to our RSS feed and you will not miss anything.

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Virtualia has collaborated in other programs where the real telecinco casino graphics are synchronized with other scenic elements. A crane which allow flights by the decor and a camera on pedestal.

This program not only challenge was to integrate virtual elements in a real setting, was also integrate the system that allows you to place bets, play and see the result of bets in real time so that viewers feel that they are playing in a real casino from home.

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Three telecinco casino show the decorated maintaining the integrity of the virtual and the real parts on three cameras simultaneously live. For this reason, has had experience of Virtualia in virtual sets to develop a set that mixes real and virtual elements in real time.

Infinia It is the service company that brings all the necessary technical elements in this project, hiring the services of Virtualia turn to this television space.